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Goldsmith Studio


Tread the Terra handmade jewelry is individually crafted with love and care. When I say *handmade*, I mean that I begin with wire and sheets of silver, copper, bronze, and gold fills. I transform these raw materials into whimsical creations without the use of casting and other exacting methods. My pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, perfectly imperfect wearable art. 

Explore my unique selections and find the piece that speaks to you!

Tread the Terra 
on your own terms

Hello friends. The shop sections of
Tread the Terra Jewelry will be active until December 31, 2023.
After that, this will be my gallery & portfolio. 
All of my one-of-a-kind pieces
are still available for sale with the same friendly, prompt and careful attention I have always provided to my customers . 
Please contact me at treadtheterra@gmail.com
if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a piece.

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