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Goldsmith Studio


Tread the Terra handmade jewelry is individually crafted with love and care. When I say *handmade*, I mean that I begin with wire and sheets of silver, copper, bronze, and gold fills. I transform these raw materials into whimsical creations without the use of casting and other exacting methods. My pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, perfectly imperfect wearable art. 

Explore my unique selections and find the piece that speaks to you!

In Royal Dress
Roll of Destiny.jpg

Tread the Terra's Rose Gold REN graphic created by Orabella Prints

Roll of Destiny logo designed by L. Francisco (Visual Curator), and Emily Glasure (Project Coordinator)

Hear ye, hear ye! 

All roads lead to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, running from Labor Day Weekend to the end of October. 

I am honored and excited to announce a collaboration with an amazing trio of interactive games -- The Theurgists' Vault -- created by Roll of Destiny.

Look for the game to the right of the main gate.


I have created a collection of handmade crowns, circlets, compass faces,

and all manner of regal adornments specifically for all the good people

who *Ren* at the ORF. Winners of the game will have

a chance to win one of my unique pieces

every weekend of the Festival.

I will release new work with my *Ren* friends in mind here

on my website until the end of October.


Tread the Terra 
on your own terms

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