January, 2018

Becoming a Maker: Tread the Terra handmade jewelry


In 1988, we were living large with our big hair, big shoulder pads and big ideas. We were young, paying our dues, building a future for the family we had not yet imagined. I found myself living in a different city from my guy. He was off learning about a new job that would ultimately become his life-long career. I was busy working in a science museum. I was the only one doing what I did. People were counting on me. I couldn’t leave before my job was finished.


And so it was, in those challenging times, that I found myself looking to fill the void. One wine-fueled weekend with a creative friend led to the purchase of a lot of acrylic clay that was easy, funky and oh-so-much fun!. We started making and selling big, light-weight earrings and necklaces.


That art *therapy* apart from my guy led to beading, wirework, silver-smithing, metal-forming, and learning about new materials and techniques in my quest to create the designs I imagined.


This many years later, I am still with my guy – thankfully -- both living and loving in the same city on Ohio’s North Coast. I still find joy in the making. The world provides endless inspiration – from nature to architecture, mathematics to rainbows. 

With a willingness to see with fresh eyes, new ideas are always there, waiting to be realized in metal and stone. I love mixing metals – from rose and yellow gold fill, sterling silver, copper and bronze. I get up every day, looking forward to creating fresh, comfortable, handmade jewelry that speaks to people with special, one-of-a-kind pieces; that helps them express their own unique style, makes them feel empowered and beautiful, and tells their story.