0183 Meet the Artist/Tread the Terra handmade jewelry

Creating comfortable designs with moxie

About the Artist

B. Glasure has been making jewelry since 1988. She began working with colorful acrylic clay, honing skills in cane-building -- the same technique that is used in Venetian glasswork to create millefiori . She started creating custom beads, specializing in faces.

Glasure found mentors, enrolled in classes and practiced new skills to add wireworking, stone-setting and metalsmithing, which involves everything from soldering to hammering and forming. She prefers to work in higher quality metals -- like sterling silver, fine silver, 14kt/20 yellow and rose gold fills.

Hallmarks of Glasure's designs include soft, curving lines that mimmick nature and the wearability of her pieces. She is a maker, but she is also a user, driven to create jewelry that is easy to wear with maximum impact. Even the smallest of her "Stardust" line of tiny earrings has a separated joint allowing the small drop to move freely, adding just the right touch of glittery sheen with the slightest movement of the head. All of Glasure's design reflect her attention to these details.

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