0183 N-2001 Wanderlust III | treadtheterrajewelry

The idea behind this intricate, uneven pattern came to me as I looked through images of *pieces of eight* -- irregularly-shaped coins that were part of the currency, and often the lost cargo, of Spanish Galleons.  This treasure took shape as I cut the main disc from a sheet of copper, cut another *sunburst* shaped piece in copper, then stamped and hammered each component into the form I was looking for.  I soldered on direction markers, and sterling silver wire compass points, then carefully soldered and stamped a series of copper balls around the entire edge of the piece.  I crowned the compass with a bronze bezel and rutilated quartz.  The soldered sterling silver tube setting hooks the piece to the 14kt/20 rose gold fill chain.  18 to 21 inches long.

N-2001 Wanderlust III


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